Airbrush Finish With Liquid Foundation

(I have posted a video at the end of this post with a video demo/tutorial using this product and technique!)

I have been a mineral foundation convert for over 8 years now. I love the finish it gives my skin–glowing, soft, natural. Despite trying many different brands and finishes of liquid makeup, I never quite got the same results, and it always felt heavier on my skin. I still used full coverage liquid foundation for performances, and occasionally for a night out when I wanted a more dramatic look, but not for daytime looks. Not since I found my true love in MMU.

Revlon ColorStayI recently bought some Revlon Colorstay Foundation in order to test it out for a makeup workshop I was giving my students. I wanted to be able to offer a budget alternative, full-covergage foundation for performance. I was duly impressed with the quality of this foundation and can easily see why it tops the budget/drug store lists for foundations. But even with my beauty blender, it felt like it was going on a little heavier than I wanted and not as smooth as I wished. I chalked it up to my not being used to wearing liquid foundations much any more.

That is until today…

…when I read THIS when researching flat top stippling brushes. Seems everyone is all about them, but I don’t own one and was looking into buying one until the link referenced said:

“….the reason why it took so long for me to apply foundation was that (a flat foundation brush) could only blend a small area of the face at a time. This is where the big kabuki comes in. Actually, I saw Erin from Scandalous Beauty first do this in one of her YouTube tutorials and decided to try it myself. My foundation application went from 20 minutes, down to 3. I was sold.”

Smashbox KabukiSo I head over to the referenced video to see what the fuss was about. (Edited to add: a student and friend mentioned that she had told me about this technique a little while back at a makeup workshop I was teaching. I honestly didn’t remember that at all, but apparently I have known about this for weeks longer than I thought I did. LOL! Well, that’s my sieve of a brain, apparently!) The woman there had a slightly different technique, which was intriguing; and she happened to be using one of the exact same kabuki brushes I already own, my Smashbox 19 (pictured). Now, I don’t have a lot of brushes, to be honest; and I don’t use this brush very often because the bristles are more dense than I prefer, so it has been largely unused over the years. To find a use for this brush AND possibly get better results from my liquid foundation? This was fate. So I decided to give it a try immediately with the Revlon Colorstay, just to see how it worked. And man was I thrilled.

As I mentioned above, I used the technique from the referenced video, not the description in the blog. I put some foundation on the back of my hand, then using my fingertips I distributed the foundation in key places over my face with little dots and smudges. Then I took my neglected Smashbox kabuki and buffed the foundation in circles over my face, working from the center outward. The result? Extremely smooth, bright, seamless finish with better coverage than I had ever gotten, and all without feeling heavy or looking cakey in any way. I was stunned!

And the brush? Took it in stride. I had imagined this wet, gunked-up brush I would need to shampoo. But no…it looked as if I hadn’t done anything with it, really. Just a few spritzes of brush cleaner and a light scrub against a towel…clean.

So today was a triumph: I found a use for my old kabuki, achieved a satisfying result from a bargain foundation (and it has lasted all day beautifully, I might add), and am enjoying a flawless, almost airbrush-like finish to celebrate. *cheers*

Check out my video review of Revlon ColorStay 24 Hour Liquid Foundation, and my use of a kabuki brush for an airbrushed-like finish!


4 thoughts on “Airbrush Finish With Liquid Foundation

  1. I just tried this with a similar foundation (SuperStay, not Revlon’s Colorstay) and the brush that came with my original Bare Minerals set. The technique worked great! I’ll be on the lookout for other, similar brushes to try. Thanks!!

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