Bare Minerals Without Bismuth Oxychloride?

Bare Mienrals FoundationUPDATED 4/2/13!!

So back in 2006 ish when I first tried Bare Minerals, I fell in love with MMU (mineral makeup, for the uninitiated). I loved the way it looked on my skin, the way it FELT on my skin, how it let my skin look natural but just improved–it was the first MMU I tried. But sadly, it made me itch. Doing research, it appeared I might have a sensitivity to Bismuth Oxychloride, and I could no longer use Bare Minerals.
Everyday MineralsI have used many other brands since, and the only one I loved as much, Aromaleigh, temporarily closed up shop a couple years back. The owner then sold their business to a new manufacturer, and I am uncertain if they are formulating anything the same. So I switched to Everyday Minerals, and Mineral Hygenics (not a very sexy name, IMO…) which I didn’t like as well but did the trick.

Just yesterday I discovered that back in 2009, Bare Escentuals came out with a MATTE Bare Minerals which does not include the bismuth! How did I now know this?

Anyway, the moral of the story is I went to Sephora and picked some up and am trying it out. This will be a great way to find out if it really was the bismuth oxychloride, or if it was some other ingredient I was sensitive to. And also, in the meantime, I hope find out if I have a new go-to MMU foundation I can use that is readily available at local cosmetics shops! Of course, it doesn’t have the “glow” that I loved so much from the original formulation–the bismuth is part of what gives it that effect. But I may be able to use a mineral veil powder to get some of that back, should this work out. We shall see!

Do you have a favorite mineral makeup foundation? I would love to hear your recommendations and experiences! Please post your thoughts in the comments.

So I have been wearing the foundation every day, including the day I picked it up, and it feels great, looks great, no complaints. I have tried it with and without foundation primer, just to make sure I wasn’t making a protective barrier of any kind with my primer. No itching, no irritation. Just happy skin. Melts into my skin just like I remember and gives it a very natural finish. I do miss the glow, but I can use a finishing powder if I want that, right? So good news, it works!


3 thoughts on “Bare Minerals Without Bismuth Oxychloride?

    • Have you tried the matte version? Because many people experience the acne from the bismuth oxychloride, which is what I was allergic to.

      thanks for stopping by!

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