Another Simple Foundation Routine Tutorial

This one is from Sephora! A simple walkthrough to flawless foundation application, including multiple product suggestions available at Sephora to help you shop!



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I Taste Amazing–Cinnamon Nutmeg Facial Mask

Since starting my coconut oil beauty regimen several months ago, my skin has been plenty happy…until about the last two weeks…

My skin on my chin–one of my historically bad areas for acne–has flared up something fierce. Hard to say what set it off. Sometimes when I get sick my skin reacts badly, and I had the bad cold that has been going around. The weather is also changing (spring! come on down!) and this is my first seasonal change since starting my coconut oil adventure, so it could be somewhat that. Who knows…

All I know is I have very angry, red, broken acne skin on my chin and I am feeling frustrated. So it was timely that a friend posted this link:

Three (optionally 4) ingredients:
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp honey
optional – a little squeeze of lemon juice

I just so happen to have a jar of Proletariat Honey in my cupboard–that is amazing organic honey harvested from the bees my neighbor keeps just across the street. So really, I am enjoying my own garden flowers’ results on my chin right now!

I will report back on how it works for me!