Coconut Oil Continues to Rock!

Hey CocoNUTS, here’s my brief update:
Been using coconut oil as a cleanser and moisturizer for about three weeks now. It is the ONLY thing I have been using. As in I do not use any other cleanser, moisturizer, toner, makeup remover, NOTHING. Just coconut oil before I go to bed or when I shower.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

I massage a nickel-sized dollop into my skin on my face and neck, including eyes and lashes to remove waterproof mascara,

eyeliner, shadow, etc.  I use a hot towel pressed to my face for about 15 seconds, then use the towel to thoroughly but gently wipe my entire face, taking special care to get around my nose and hairline, where the oil could easily accumulate if I am not diligent. All my makeup comes off, face feels clean and soft. Sometimes I have a little bit of eyeliner still right in my lashes, but an extra swipe or two of the towel removes it. I have had no br

eakouts and the ones I had have cleared up without any dark spots. Wait, not fully true. I got a little pimple near my left temple in the first week, but it went away and I have had none since.

I don’t moisturize before putting on makeup. One day my face felt a little “muddy” so I did a quick “wash” with my coconut oil and it was fine. But that was one day in three weeks. I also did one day with my foundation primer, which I had not been using so I had a “controlled experiment”, but found it didn’t make much difference so I didn’t use it again. As in my makeup looked great and lasted great without it. Sidenote: my makeup has SPF properties. If it did not, I would still mois

turize with an oil-free SPF product, but I can skip that step.

I have also been using it as a cleanser/moisturizer for my upper arms, where I get breakouts and red bumps. To be clear, I did my left arm for two weeks with it, and used my usual soap on my right arm, to compare the results. My left arm started clearing up and having less spottiness within a week. Finally this week I am using it on both arms because it seems to be working and I want

my right arm improving as my left has.

One more week and my skin will have gone through a nearly two complete cycles and one complete hormonal cycle. Assuming it continues as it has for the past few weeks, I will throw out the last of my Proactiv once and for all.


Coconut Oil-Sugar Body Scrub

Julie Klover commented with this little home recipe on Facebook. I want to note it for later, so am putting it here! Here’s her post:
“…you may want to take “before pictures” it’s a great way to see the changes in your skin. I have used coconut oil to shave with as well. I’m liking it so far. I’ve also made a sugar scrub for my body, not face. Legs feel great after!
2.5 cups sugar
1 cup oil (i uses coconut) and
5 tbs citrus juice.”

Thanks Julie!

There are SO MANY different recipes for coconut oil-based body scrubs, incorporating essential oils and other fabulous organic scents. What are some of your favorites?

Coconut Oil Experiments – shaving and moisturizing

Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Experiment Report: I have been using coconut oil to wash my face the past few days, and so far so good. (If you want to read more about other experiences with this, check the links at the bottom of this post) Too soon to really say what the true results will be as my face needs to adjust to the change, which will take a couple weeks; and I want to get through a full monthly cycle to see how it does during different natural hormonal shifts as well. Continue reading